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Link to EasyCron service. Added guard clause to cron job that checks RPC wallets for past transactions. No longer logs a warning if no transactions are found. New static templates for the following shortcodes: Widget form of the UIs is now refactored and improved. User input is accepted to reflect additions in allowed shortcode attributes.

If a shortcode cannot be rendered due to some error, a meaningful error message is shown in the frontend. Admin table listing user balances. Admin table listing user deposit addresses. Custom menu item for displaying balances did not render correctly in twenty-nineteen theme, now fixed.

Performance of admin transaction list rendering improved. Performance improvements in exchange rates code, when the price of a coin in the default fiat currency is not the same as that provided by the exchange rate provider service.

Massively simplified cron mechanism. All cron tasks are unified and they all run on shutdown. Cron tasks can now be triggered via a custom URL. Cron tasks do not auto-trigger if trigerring is disabled. Instead, a warning is displayed. On a network-activated multisite installation with too many blogs, the plugin will only process tasks for a few blogs on each run. When an admin cancels a deposit, such as a fiat coin adapter deposit, the deposit can now be re-executed if the admin retries the deposit.

When a user is deleted by an admin, their transactions and deposit addresses are now deleted. Any user balance is deallocated and returns to the site. Guard clause protects against warning for missing optional qrsize argument to the deposit moon bitcoin com. The coin icon is now shown in the coin adapter settings admin page. All amounts in the coin adapters list admin page are shown as dashes if equal to zero, to improve visibility of non-zero values.

Deposit QR codes are no longer rendered for fiat coins. The deposit codes are only shown as text. JavaScript var walletsUserData. Deposits can now be cancelled.

Cron job can now auto-cancel transactions that have remained in an unconfirmed or pending state for too long default: The filter always returns confirmed balances. When first activating the plugin, the built-in Bitcoin node adapter is disabled by default. Better application of a fix for themes that improperly use the Select2 library. This can help with frontend performance. Maximum amount of cron batch size is now Comes with a warning about setting the value too high.

Source maps for the minified versions of JavaScript code are now added and are available to browser debugging consoles. Image for reload button now works even if the site home is in a subdirectory of the domain. Added timeouts in all AJAX calls; this should prevent net:: Safer code in dashboard widget while detecting other installed dashed-slug extensions. Problem where QR code was not rendered on first page load, introduced in 3.

Unicode glyph on reload button introduced in 3. New filters introduced in 3. Old addresses are retained. This allows for manual reload of server data.

The deposit address is used in QR codes directly. This saves on transmitted data. The Coin Adapter class no longer provides an adapter setting for minconf. This has no effect to the end user at the moment. Examples in the accompanying documentation. Error Specified key was too long Fix: Do not attempt to unlock Bitcoin weekly wallets with passphrase if coin adapter is disabled.

Better balance algo, includes all trading fees in calculation. Deposits can now have comments needed for upcoming fiat coin adapter. In Exchange Rates admin menu, exchange rates in debug views are sorted alphabetically, allowing easier inspection.

If plugin recieves notification about an invalid TXID or blockid, handles error silently, writing a warning to the logs.

In user profiles screen, deposit addresses also display extra info such as Payment ID, Memo, etc. In user profiles screen, deposit addresses are no longer shown as links if no explorer URI is available. Fees on deposits coming from the CoinPayments adapter were not subtracted from user balances. When the recipient of an internal transaction gets an email notification, the email now displays a positive amount, minus any fees paid by the sender. New introductory YouTube video added to readme file.

Safer loading of transaction UI fragments file does not depend on current directory. Updated to latest versions of all 3rd party libraries: Can now set a minimum confirmation count in coin adapter settings when plugin is network-activated on a multisite install.

All DB queries are now prepended by a flush of the DB object. Error reporting can no longer report stale DB errors from previous queries. Some minor HTML validation errors now fixed. Coin icons in dropdowns and menu items now all display in the same size.

Users are represented by emails in the CSV file. When a transaction fails due to an error, the admin or admins can be notified by email. When a transaction requires admin confirmation, the admin or admins can be notified by email.

When a user is about to receive an internal transaction that is not yet approved, the recipient user can be notified by email. Administrator can set all unconfirmed transactions to be auto-confirmed after a specified number of days.

Transactions page in admin screens now has a new column, amount without fees. In Transactions page, long tx comments are now displayed with ellipsis to save screen space. Hover with the mouse to see entire text. Adapters list admin screen now has a new column that shows total amount of fees paid to the site wallet. DB schema now allows coin symbols with up to 8 characters was 5. Suggestion in admin screens footer for rating the plugin on WordPress. Notification messages no longer display coin symbols twice next to transacted amounts.

Exchange rates provider for coingecko. Coin adapters list displays wallet balance unavailable for withdrawal next to available wallet balance.

Successful cold storage withdrawals now report TXID. Message includes links for address and TXID to relevant blockexplorer. Bug in checkbox under full node coin adapter settings about skipping rewards generated from mining introduced in 3. Full node coin adapters now skip rewards generated from mining.

PoS rewards must be skipped, PoW rewards can be included. Issue with generated rewards for PoS coins, that previously appeared as extra deposits. Exchange rates provider for cryptocompare. Default exchange rates providers after first installing the plugin are fixer and cryptocompare. Email notifications can be turned off for individual users via their profile admin page. QR-code URIs for most coins only include address string and no name.

This is safer. Coins that require a full URI still have it. Can now hook to frontend events for running JavaScript after coin data is loaded. See documentation for details. Debug info in dashboard widget now lists versions of all installed extensions. Now argument is removed with redirect. Backend no longer inserts a request for withdrawal with no address specified.

This avoids most false positives in dev environments. Added Google analytics tracking codes to all links to dashed-slug. Notifications code refactored and improved. Applied many code styling suggestions using CodeSniffer and the WordPress ruleset. Information in readme. Admin can now select to not use any exchange rates if not needed. More correct algorithm for calculating exchange rate between any two currencies. Does graph traversal and finds a path between known exchange rates.

If a fiat currency has the same symbol as a known cryptocurrency, its exchange rate data is discarded to avoid confusing the rate calculations. User preference for a fiat currency now takes precedence again over site-wide default. To use the fixer. This is now possible. The fixer. Can now enable multiple exchange rates providers simultaneously. Simplified hooks for adding exchange rates manually.

See https: When an exchange rates provider is disabled, its data remains on the DB, while any data that comes from enabled providers is kept updated. Exchange rates admin page now displays data counts to aid debugging.

Prevent browser caches from retrieving old assets js,css. Plugin version is now part of filenames as well as in the ver GET parameter. Solves problems with some CDNs and plugins that discard the version parameter. Better schema index checks. Will report an error to the admin if any DB constraint is not in place. Withdrawals are now first marked as done and then actually performed. If wallet returns error then withdrawal is marked as failed.

Prevents double spend in the very unlikely event of a network disconnect while the transaction is being sent to the wallet. Division by zero error fixed in the Cold Storage deposit screens. For coins that have extra info e. Bug that prevented updating confirmation counts of deposits coming from transactions with multiple outputs, introduced in 3.

Front-end performance increase due to deferred updates in knockout framework. A CSS issue with the frontend validator messages that would cause visual elements to jump up and down on the page.

Updated packages moment. If a transaction cannot be inserted to the DB, also print out the last DB error message in the logs to assist debugging. Allow incoming transactions with multiple outputs, where the outputs are deposit addresses for more than one users of the plugin. Widgets can now be used with alternative UI templates.

If set, it overrides the default. Proportional fees in all RPC adapters including the multiadapter extension now have five decimal places instead of three.

Admin transactions list can now be sorted by: Shortcodes now take extra attribute, allow for choosing alternative UI templates. Can now set minimum withdrawal amount as a coin adapter setting. Enforced source questions 995196 bitcoin mining attack cgi frontend validation and backend processing. Frontend withdraw and move UIs now validate amounts against max user balance.

Bug in cold storage admin screens for multisite intstallations. Display TXIDs and addresses as links only if they are alphanumeric, in frontent and backend transaction lists.

Some strings now made translatable. Incompatibility with frontend JavaScript code and Internet Explorer Old transaction aggregation is less verbose in the logs.

Does not write anything if there are no transactions to aggregate. Frontend form submit buttons are not clickable while there are other pending queries. This prevents accidental multiple submits of the same tx. Non-default DB table prefix in old transaction aggregation cron job, introduced in 3. Old transaction aggregation cron job to save DB space. Easily refresh deposit addresses via the adapters list screen.

Better guard clause in Bitcoin withdrawal address validator JavaScript. A dash is shown instead. The debug info widget in the admin dashboard now reports the web server name and version.

These will be needed for the upcoming exchange extension. Coin icons are now displayed in the front-end UIs. Safer exchange rates code in case of connectivity issues.

No longer reset the default coin in the frontend whenever the coin info is reloaded. Do not throw an alert box error in frontend when an AJAX request is cancelled bitcoin can be traced the browser, if the user clicks on a new link while the request is in transit.

Frontend no longer performs synchronous AJAX requests on the main thread. This was previously a dropdown and was causing scaling problems. The coins data structure in the wallets frontend is now indexed, resulting in better JavaScript performance throughout the frontend code.

Caching would sometimes cause stale nonces to be used, resulting in request forgery errors. The knockout JavaScript code now uses the rateLimit extender in favor of the deprecated throttle extender. More kinds of transactions can be cancelled via the admin interface.

More kinds of transactions can be retried via the admin interface.

How do I "cash out" my BELA?

Avoid race condition that sometimes prevented the fix to the Select2 issue originally addressed in 2. Make sure that JavaScript withdrawal address validators are always functions before calling them. The option to switch off frontend reloading of coin info when page regains visibility can now be changed in multisite installs. Added stocks. Option to switch off frontend reloading of coin info when page regains visibility.

Spanish language translation for frontend contributed by Javier Enrique Vargas Parra jevargas uniandes. NovaExchange rates provider re-enabled after announcement that the exchange will not be decommissioned. Multiple calls to the same exchange rates API endpoint are no longer repeated. Suggested curl notify commands for full node wallets now include the -k switch to bypass problems with invalid SSL certificates.

User no more allowed to enter invalid polling intervals such as an empty string, resulting in frontend slowdown. Dropdowns in front-end are now not affected by the Select2 JavaScript library compatibility with AdForest theme and possibly more.

Updated Greek language translation to reflect changes above. Frontend sprintf pattern for cryptocurrency amounts can now be overridden via a WordPress filter see manual. Improved detection of wallet lock status for wallets that have support only for getinfo command and not getwalletinfo. No longer requires the mbstring PHP module to be installed. Live polling on the frontend can now be turned off by setting the time intervals to 0.

The debug panel in the admin dashboard now reports if PHP modules relevant to the plugin are loaded or not. The debug panel in the admin dashboard now reports which plugin extensions are activated or network-activated.

Zlib compression status is not altered if HTTP response headers are already sent.

Bitcoin and Altcoin Wallets

After confirming a transaction via an email link, the user can be redirected to a page that the admin indicates. Semantic HTTP status codes returned after clicking on confirmation links. Frontend does not popup an error if some wallet capabilities are disabled. Some internal code improvements in the adapter list. Coin adapters can be in a locked or unlocked state. Locked adapters cannot process withdrawals. Adapters can be unlocked by entering a secret PIN or passphrase.

All frontend text is now modifiable via WordPress filters. See the documentation for filter names and example code.

Successful and failed transactions trigger WordPress actions. See the documentation for action names and example code. An incompatibility with PHP 5. Note that it is not recommended to install the plugin on PHP cache category news bitcoin news aspx that have reached end-of-life.

WordPress actions allow themes to add markup before and after any frontend UI form. See the documentation for action names. Internal transaction IDs no longer link to any block explorers. After submitting a transaction, the user is notified to check their e-mail, if an e-mail confirmation is required. Dismissible notice informing users to upgrade the cloud wallet adapters for compatibility with this version. Disallow internal transactions and withdrawals if amount — fees is negative.

Solves issues with some themes. Now fixed. The exchange rates API is now extendable. For sample code see http: Frontend now displays up-to-date information via polling. Polling intervals are controlled by the admin. Admin can now choose a default fiat currency for users who have not made a selection in their WordPress profile screens.

Error when withdrawing from unlocked RPC wallets i. Arabic language translation for frontend contributed by Ed support 2gogifts. Nonces API is now filterable by extensions. Filter name is: Bug when saving buddypress notifications in multisite.

Allows for extensions to define their own actions. Deposit fees were not being inserted to the DB would affect the CoinPayments adapter. In network-activated multisite, exchange rates are now shared accross sites. Improves performance. When user has not selected a base currency in their profile, the default is now USD. Previously was undefined, which caused fiat amounts to not be displayed.

When user profile displays deposit addresses, it can now also handle currencies with an extra payment id field in their deposit address. The default withdraw fees for Bitcoin core are now set to 0. Addresses and TXIDs are now links to blockexplorer sites. Cryptocurrency amounts are also shown in a user-selected fiat currency, default: Comment fields are now multi-line, allow for more info.

All RPC adapters can now connect to wallets that are encrypted with a passphrase. Exchange rates caching mechanism would some times report stale data, is now fixed. Widget titles are now translatable. Exceptions thrown by coin adapters no longer break user profile rendering. German translations for frontend contributed by eMark Team kontakt deutsche-emark. Plugin now works even if theme causes the frontend wp JavaScript object to not exist.

String localization bitcoin максим now working.

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How does Belacam make money?


What is Bela? Read all about it in the article below. We implemented the patch after sufficient testing. The update contains: A medium article will follow up shortly. The team decided that the masternode collateral should be higher. Which do you think is best collateral for a Использование программы bitcoin Read all about it in the article below!

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